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Janice L. Tarver's Somewhere-In-Time, has been a part of my life
for more than twenty five years. I have successfully and
continuously improved my level of service to my clients and my

communities over these years.


It is always my policy that clients are satisfied with my readings.

If any client is not satisfied with my readings or sessions, then

it is my policy to either refund their money or provide the service

at no charge... at the client's preference.

Thank you for perusing my website. I hope you will return here often.



What some clients have said...

'Janice gave me immense comfort at a time in my life when I thought that was unreachable.  I had seen her many years ago and had remembered how spot on and kind she was. She truly made me believe my loved ones were standing by my side and gave me messages only they would. Many years have passed and hadn't felt the need to contact her being content with life and all its ups and downs until my family endured an unexpected tragedy.  It was a about a month into our loss that I couldn't get her out of my mind and had to call. The reading I received was nothing short of a miracle. So many much love and strong meaning. I will forever be comforted by this and when I am truly in need to hear or feel my loved ones on the other side I know I just need to call Janice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Janice, your gift is a gift to us!'

Dear Janice,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other
LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation: "I had the pleasure of working with
Janice on several fundraisers for a former employer. All I can say
is -- she is amazing. For several years Janice flew to NH to support
our fundraiser by providing readings on a multi-evening basis.
Responses from those in attendance, across the board, were a
resounding "Yes! I'll be back next year!" Janice engaged the
audience with humor and warmth. She generously provided items we
could raffle during the multi-evening event. I highly recommend
Janice as a business partner and friend. I would be happy to speak
with anyone wanting additional information regarding the services
she provided.


On a scale of 1 - 5 ...she gets a ten!!! She's a gem!!" 

Hi Janice
I want to thank you for my reading in October…it held a lot of
meaning for me and I thought you might be interested in some
additional connections that I made after the fact.

My paternal grandfather came through at the beginning of the
reading with “James” who I found out later was his closest brother. 
I shared with my father that his father opened the reading and my
father’s reply was “That is really interesting…I don’t know what to
think…”  My father shared with me that he has a prayer list of
people who have passed that he offers daily prayers for and only in
the last three months had he added his father to that list, so
perhaps his father is thanking him.  My father and grandfather
had a somewhat estranged relationship at times.

You also spoke of my “two children” who are at a distance from me,
like butterflies who have flown away.  Although I have four
children, the two you mentioned were my adult daughters who moved
out of the home in September.


You mentioned a difficult relationship I was involved in which had
actually just ended days before our reading.  You spoke of this
person as broken and suffering trust issues.  This part of the
reading was one of the poignant, as you described perfectly a
friendship that had blurred boundaries and had to end.


Your descriptions of my state of mind and my husband’s personality
and state of mind resonated strongly with me.


I am doing well now and appreciate the clarity this reading gave


Happy Holidays!



Good morning Janice,
It is always so helpful to speak with you. Thank you. Your spirit is beautiful,

your frankness is refreshing, and your gift is life affirming if not life
changing. I appreciate you sharing your time with me yesterday. 

Love and blessings, 



Hi Janice,

I have been referring some therapy clients to you whom I believe
can benefit from a reading. I feel grateful for your gift. For
the most part, my clients have felt peace and healing from the
readings. Some have reconnected with loved ones who have passed
on. Others have been able to finally let go of long-held
self-defeating beliefs. Everyone seems to gain a better sense of
their purpose and worth. 

I am writing because I recently referred a client who is in an
emotionally abusive marriage with limited supports and very low
self-esteem. The reading did reaffirm what she already knew,
which is that this man has a great potential for violence, given
his history of threats, deceit, manipulation and controlling
behavior. She had assumed her fear of her husband was the result
of being "damaged" by the abuse in her early history and not
something she could trust as being valid, especially because he
had convinced her she was crazy at one time. Now she knows that
the fear was healthy. 

I know I should feel grateful for the message she received today
because it reaffirmed the truth but it just feels so unnerving
because there is this threat of danger. I admit I have not
worked a lot with domestic violence but after I heard about her
reading, I felt as if I had seen a ghost. Perhaps my own fear is
not healthy. I just hope she was ready to hear the truth from
the reading and do what she needs to do to keep her and her
daughter safe.

If you can respond back, that would be great. I am not expecting
specifics about my client but any feedback in general about the
idea of therapists referring clients to you especially in cases
of domestic violence. I feel as though I cannot share this with
my colleagues. If you cannot respond, I understand and thanks
again for sharing your gift. --RW.



Thank you for helping us, we are so happy to hear that we
continue to receive guidance from those we love. My heart is
warmed to know that our son is still with us, I truly believe he
came to me the day he died and gave me a message, you confirmed
it in a way and for that I am deeply grateful.

We are indeed at a cross roads, I am Active Duty in a job that
would be great for my particular talents but the people are
(inherently) unkind and that is enough for me to end my career.
Josh is a stay at home dad and has to deal with being the
"spouse" a lot. (the military treats their "assets" like
lowlifes, a spouse is just a step be
low that) He is such a
blessing to me each day, a true gift and a wonderful father and

You were right on about so many things, we have come to realize
that change is coming and we welcome it. The life we chose was
really what we were intended to experience long term and now

we can move forward.  Thank you for your encouraging words. 


With gratitude and love,